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Sublime Scrambled Eggs Featured

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My children apparently love scrambled eggs. The only problem was (believe it or not) I did not know how to cook them. What to do? Only one thing to do!

The quick solution to this dilemma was at my fingertips. Surfed on over to Youtube and did a search for 'scrambled eggs'.

HOW many ways can you cook scrambled eggs! My children are standing next to me and giving me advice (they are both 6 going on 16) on the best recipe, insisting that I watch the all the videos to find the best one and telling me that 'mummy knows how to do it'.

After much watching and changing of minds we decided on Gordon Ramsay's 'Sublime Scrambled Eggs' (see video below).

Thank you Gordon and as you would say 'Job Done'.

Not only did I learn to cook scrambled eggs I also discovered something else. In future when the children want something for breakfast that I don't want know how to cook, I will send them to colour in and do the searching for myself.

Maybe that way we will have breakfast BEFORE it is lunchtime!

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