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Recycle and Reuse

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ozrecycle 180x150 3e745The day has come for all of Australians and others to take responsibility for what we use and what we throw away. Many people believe that the corporate waste situation is an excuse to be wasteful and to be irresponsible with our own lives.

Exactly the opposite is the case. It is up to the individual to make the change and lead the way in cleaning up our world and lowering the impact on our environment.

If the human race continues to produce and dispose at the rate at the current rate the natural resources, which are not owned by anyone but are a gift for all humans (now and in the future), will be expended before our great-grandchildren have left this world. The increase in population is putting pressure on our environment and this will only increase over time.

Is There a Solution?

This is the question on the lips of all environmental bodies and those that care about our world and our future. Governments continue to impose 'green taxes' and new environmental laws, some of which are questionable in the effectiveness. Environmental agencies continue to discuss and ponder. What is happening elsewhere?

The Individual Effort

As individuals we can make a difference. By being responsible in our own lives it is possible to have a long-lasting effect upon our environment. Each time we throw something in the rubbish bin or the trailer to go to landfill we should be ashamed of ourselves if that item could be recycled or reused by someone else. We should think about how that item will effect our environment once it is buried in the ground and how future generations will look back on us.

What are WE Doing About It?

Individuals are doing something about recycling and reusing every day. The people at Clean Up Australia continue to encourage others to recycle and reuse. At Oz Recycle the members give away items that can be used by others and seek items that they would otherwise have to purchase.

Others are lobbying companies to decrease the amount of packaging on products and to use recyclable materials wherever possible.

All of these actions have a long term effect on our environment and we should all be involved in some way, no matter how small. You can make a difference. Get INVOLVED and start TODAY.

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