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90's Trends That Have Made A Comeback

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The 90s was a time for combat boots, choker necklaces and denim everything, and now the cycle of fashion has brought back these grungy, streetwear looks that dominated in the 90s. However, these trends will need to be slightly reworked if you are planning on following them today.

Dr. Marten Shoes

Dr. Marten boots and sandals are worn both by men and women and currently dominate the market. They are every festival goers, go to pair of sturdy and long lasting shoes which can be worn with a flowy dress, jeans or a flannel shirt. Dr. Martens shoes are an icon from the 90s. With their grungy and casual look, they’re a popular choice among many ages as they are so versatile and can be worn to almost any occasion!


Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces have been crawling back in fashion thanks to their popularity in the 90s. Velvet, metal and leather are the most popular materials making a comeback today. Models, celebrities and reality stars have all been photographed with a choker on at some point. Chokers are great for dressing an outfit up or down. A gold metal choker adds a nice addition to an evening outfit, whereas a leather or velvet choker would be more suited to wear to a party or lunch date.



Not just for earth loving hippies, Birkenstocks have emerged today as a much loved sandal with a high-fashion tick of approval. Available in a variety of styles and colours, there is a Birkenstock to suit everyone. Pair with high-waisted jeans or a summer dress to finish off a relaxed and effortless girly style. Or for men, pair with a pair of chinos, jeans or shorts to finish off the perfect laid-back summer look.


High Waisted Jeans

The classic, high-waisted ‘mum’ jean is a popular 90s trend that has made a soaring comeback. Known for being super comfortable, high-waisted jeans have been revised to fit modern trends and have become one of the most popular types of denim worn today. Light coloured, ripped jeans are the most versatile of them all. They can be paired with converse to wear shopping, or with a dainty black pair of heels to wear out at night. Or for something a little less out there, a plain black pair can be worn to work on casual friday or out to dinner with friends.

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