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What is Duty Free Shopping?

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If you’ve ever been to an international airport, chances are that you’ve seen the rows of duty free retailers that line the terminal, but have you ever stepped inside their doors? Offering some great savings, duty free shopping is a good way to save some money and pass the time. If you’re yet to enjoy a spot of duty free shopping, learn more about it below!

In essence, duty free shopping is a type of shopping that allows you to purchase goods without having to pay local taxes and duties. It is often reserved for people travelling through airports, and can offer great discounts on standard retail prices. The variety of products stocked by duty free stores and the prices that they offer them at does vary from retailer to retailer, so there is no guarantee that you’ll find the same product at the same price across the board.

Will it save me money?

Depending on what you’re looking to buy, you can definitely save some money by shopping at a duty free store. Some products, such as alcohol, are often discounted, while others, including confectionery and souvenirs generally cost a little more. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, you can find a variety of brands and products to choose from, from alcohol and electronics through to fragrances and makeup. Some duty free stores, such as Aelia Duty Free New Zealand, now have websites that showcase their latest specials and a portion of their catalogue, making it easier to compare prices and do your research ahead of time.

How much can I buy?

Although you’d probably like to make the absolute most of the special deals offered by duty free stores, there are some limits to what you can purchase. Many countries have their own duty free allowances that dictate the exact quantity of goods you can pass through their borders with, and corresponding penalties for if you do not follow these rules.

What happens if I travel with too much duty free shopping?

While the penalties for travelling with too much duty free shopping do vary from country to country, you may be required to pay duty and taxes on all the duty free goods you are travelling with, may need to pay duty and taxes on the duty free goods that are over the allowance, or your duty free shopping could be confiscated. All the possible consequences for travelling with too many duty free items aren’t great, so it really is best to read up on the local allowances of your destination before you travel.

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