Mike Burgess

Mike Burgess

I like to blog because it makes sense to have a voice.

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Why don't you go home?

Being an ex-pat Aussie living in the UK has given me an opportunity to see things through the eyes of the English. The recent Austrlaian election did not make much of an impact here. After all, Australia is at the end of the world and what happens there has little impact on the lives of the English unless we are competing with each other in the sporting arena.

If we all agree all of the time what is the purpose of all of us being here? You will agree or disagree with the following and that is good because you have the free choice to do so. Many will be aware that there is currently a high concern about online betting and gambling. Governments around the world are trying to gain some degree of control over what is acceptable and what is harmful to their citizens when it comes to what many consider could be a problem to family life and their communities.

Finding eBay Bargains

I love to shop on eBay. Mainly I bid on bargains and sell them elswhere. Finding the bargains was always the problem. Getting into bidding wars always took away the 'bargain factor'. I was looking around the other day and found an excellent tool to help find the bargains that are ending soon and have no bids.

Insulted to be called Australian?

An interesting article was published on the Sydney Morning Herald website the other day. This related to a New Zealand woman living in the UK being insulted at being called an Australian. Not only was she called an Australian but also insulted with a few other choice words and her dog was threatened!

Will Facebook be profitable?

Well Facebook (FB) is now a public company and the questions are being asked if it will be profitable for the shareholders. As a public company FB now has a legal obligation to be profitable for shareholders so how will it do this? Who will pay the price?