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Monday, 11 June 2012 15:44

Will Facebook be profitable?

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Well Facebook (FB) is now a public company and the questions are being asked if it will be profitable for the shareholders. As a public company FB now has a legal obligation to be profitable for shareholders so how will it do this? Who will pay the price? The suggestion has been put forward that FB must now consider charging users or charging for the use of their services such as the API functions. If this happens will users be…
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We are happy to live in this 21st century with all our advancements in technology and the tools we hold today.but we still have to ask the question of "has it made our world to be a better and peaceful place to live in?" As we think deeper i still believe the advancements and developements in todays science and technology has not yet reached the basic values by which an ordinary human being can survive.i mean the values we hold…


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