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4 Reasons Why Floorboards Are A Sustainable Flooring Choice

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Looking for stylish yet sustainable flooring? There’s never been a better time to consider floorboards!

Check out 4 reasons why you should consider the timber flooring option next time you renovate:

They are a made from a sustainable material

In comparison to carpets which are often manufactured from synthetic fibres, hardwood floorboards and bamboo flooring, if sourced from a reputable manufacturer such as Boral, Quick Step or BT Bamboo, offer a sustainable flooring choice.

Less electricity is required in its upkeep

While carpet needs to vacuumed regularly to remove dirt and dust, floorboards can be easily cared for with a quick sweep and the occasional mop. With more manpower necessary than electricity, it helps to make floorboards a more environmentally friendly option.

They can easily outlast other flooring types

Although carpet often needs to be replaced every decade or so, with proper care, floorboards can remain in good condition for a fair while longer than its textile counterparts. Floorboards don’t wear in the same way as carpet and can be easily revived with a quick sand and polish.

Timber floorboards outlast fashions

More often than not, when carpet colours and styles are chosen, they align with what is in fashion at that point in time. Floorboards, on the other hand, are a classic flooring option that transcends current interior design fashion. While carpet may become dated in a short amount of time, timber floorboards, such as the wide selection available from Floorboards Online, often remain stylish long after their installation date.

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