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How to Deal With a Long Stopover

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Stopovers don’t have to be boring. The waiting times between flights can be uncomfortable and stressful, however, if you use your time well, it is possible to feel rested and relaxed before your next flight.

Check out some tips on how to best enjoy a stopover below and start planning your next trip!

  1. Plan your time

After working out where your stopover will be and how long it is set to last, you can start to plan how to spend your time. It’s important to take airport wait times into account when thinking about your stopover game plan. Be sure to download any airline apps to help you get around.

  1. Check out airport attractions

Use the time you have in the airport to check out the facilities available for travellers. Most airports offer retail shopping, and a range of food and drink options. Take some time to walk around the airport and arrive with plenty of time to relax before your flight boards.

  1. Visit the duty free stores

While away some time and enjoy a spot of retail therapy at the duty free stores in the airport. Check your duty free allowance and make the most of the bargains in-store.  Many airports around the globe now allow you to order your duty free shopping online. Just order online and pick up from your airport of choice.

  1. Sleep

Flying can take a toll on the body and it is likely that after a long flight all you’ll want to do is sleep. It’s generally acceptable to sleep on a bench in the airport and some even have special chairs for napping passengers. However, sleeping in public isn’t for everyone and can cause you unwanted anxiety. If you want to sleep through your stopover in style, check in to an airport hotel.

  1. Enjoy a meal

If you find yourself tired and stressed after a long few hours in the departure lounge, sitting down to a delicious meal can help to make your stopover more enjoyable and take your mind of the wait time too. Check out the airport’s dining areas and fast food stores, and find something with a bit more bite to it than airplane food.

  1. Get connected

Take your laptop, tablet or smartphone with you as you travel and surf the web, get some work done or chat with your loved ones back home while you wait. Most airports offer free WiFi, but a shaky connection can be very frustrating, so for best results get hold of a mobile WiFi service - sometimes known as a dongle. The mobile device will give you a faster, more reliable connection.

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