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Using Video for Social Marketing

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Social media is an integral means for the modern business to build brand awareness and visibility. The rewards are great, but the process isn’t simple, and it requires a consistent stream of custom content that engages the audience. Video is an increasingly popular way to achieve that consistent stream because it engages in a way that text and images along cannot, and it’s particularly effective at developing relationships due to the way that audiences connect with characters in videos.

The Reasons Video Works

Statistics from the major social platforms, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, show that the vast majority of Internet users watch videos online at least every week, and most watch at least once every day. On YouTube, more than 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, and more than four billion videos are watched every day. In 2010, a joint survey by Google and Forbes showed that 75 percent of all CEOs watch at least once social media video every week.

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1. Give the audience what it wants.

Based on the above data, it’s clear that Web users want to watch video more than perform any other passive online activity. Therefore, businesses should use it as their primary means of reaching that audience, and then use text, images and other resources to augment that effort.

2. Providing video is as simple and cost-effective as ever.

The technological hurdles to delivering video online no longer exist. In fact, all of the major social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, offer integrated video capabilities. If creation is the hurdle, then there are affordable corporate video in Melbourne services available to overcome it.

3. Video lets a business stand out.

More than ninety percent of all Australian businesses, including small businesses, use social marketing. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for a business to set itself apart on a cluttered social feed without the use of video.

Integrating Video into an SMM Strategy

Identifying the need for video is only the first step; the business must also determine how to best integrate it into its social media marketing strategy.

The biggest mistake that businesses make is that they create and share videos without purpose. Some companies seek to create entertainment and simply use that as a platform to advertise. A much more effective way to use video, however, is to choose topics that have synergy with what the business excels at. Three particularly effective ways to achieve this synergy are video blogs, how-to videos and testimonials.

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1. Video Blogs

A business blog is an effective way to use social networking. Video blogging is even better. By posting videos to YouTube and the blog, view rates will increase significantly. The blog post is also an opportunity to expand on the video using text, images and other resources. The text also allows the video efforts to take advantage of traditional SEO as well.

2. How To

Internet video has become a wonderful platform for education, and how-to videos are among the most watched on YouTube and similar sites. The other advantage to creating training videos that are related to a company’s expertise is that they demonstrate that knowledge and earn the respect of viewers who are also potential clients.

3. Testimonials

Videos are also an excellent opportunity to make a product or service more visible and, more importantly, more credible. There’s also a big advantage to having an indirect source, such as a satisfied client, rather than a direct source, like the business itself. A message straight from the business often seems like marketing at best and bragging at worst. Testimonials, on the other hand, are generally viewed as being earnest and are very effective at having an audience relate to a company.

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