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Offroading - Navigating Deep Water Crossings

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Planning to go offroading in the rainy season may seem like a good challenge for testing out a newly acquired vehicle or just having some good fun encountering and challenging treacherous puddles, deeper rivers and of course, running water. After all, this is what offroading is all about and it's definitely a great source of fun for everyone who has it in his or her blood. Below, this article will focus on some of the aspects people need to keep in mind when offroading.


Even though the computers and electronics in today's Jeeps aren't best pals with water, that doesn't stop many from taking on water crossings. Thus, beginners should certainly consider getting prepared as much as possible, aspect that cannot be stressed enough for Tadpoles. The latter not only misjudge depths, but also get cocky and don't really understand that it can be dangerous to go on a crossing.Even more, they also don't know how to remove or open doors during fording, when the vehicle becomes buoyant and susceptible to flipping over and when the water crests the bottom of the door frames. The headlights of a Tadpole will usually crack too, because they weren't permitted to cool down by turning them off before getting in contact with the cold water. And once the vehicle is submerged, everything that's electrically connected, like the starter, battery and alternator, will become vulnerable. If drivers become stuck because of this, they might consider 4x4 accessories like a winch on front bumper to get out of this mess.

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A more advanced option, but not by far is the Guppy, which is completely capable of easily avoiding, eating and swimming through danger. This is a great option for those who want to be a bit more on the safe side, because it can easily recognize inherent danger in deep water crossings and if there are any risks, it won't try to attempt it.Rerouting the air intake and putting it up higher for a crossing can be done by considering snorkeling gear. Assessing water flow rate though can be done best by walking the route first to prevent unpleasant surprises. Guppies also fully plan their route before taking on it and know exactly where the exit route is.


What is it that makes a Shark so proficient? Well, it's 2 things and they include fully preparing for executing a water crossing and also having superior gear. And in what regards being prepared, it basically boils down to packing the electronics with electrical grease before sealing them and also sealing the power steering pump, oil fill and radiator. If not, then hydrostatic or hydrolock will occur during fordings, as water floods the engine and causes a complete stalling of the vehicle.


When offroaders have gone though a complete crossing at axle depth or even deeper than that, it's best to drain and then refill the engine fluids, differentials, transmission and transfer case. The electrical boxes, gearboxes and diff oil should all be checked for water contamination, because as well.With that being said, graduating from Tadpole to Shark status takes some time, but it's all possible with a lot of experience and patience. After all, offroading needs to be learned so that it can be fully enjoyed afterwards!


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