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Open Plan VS Closed Plan Offices

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There are a myriad office layouts to choose from, but two of the most popular are the closed and open plan designs. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so your choice really depends on your needs of your office space. Check out the advantages of both and find the best layout for you and your workers!

Open plan

Helps to create an environment of collaboration

When employees work within a short distance of each other, it is much easier for them to discuss tasks and share skills. Group projects are easier to coordinate and employees are able to learn as they work.

Can be more cost effective

Rather than having to provide each employee with their own individual office, open plan layouts help to make good use of the space available. Reducing the need for complicated construction and additional heating and cooling costs, open plan offices also allow employees to share desks and other resources, such as printer and photocopiers.

Creates an inclusive environment

Open plan offices help to create a sense of camaraderie, where a sense of respect and friendship arises through constant contact and collaboration. This can help to forge an environment that employees thrive in and enjoy making their way to each day.

Can aid in encouraging better communication

Sitting within close proximity of each other, communication is naturally encouraged between employees in an open plan office. Compared to a closed layout, face to face communication is generally adopted instead of the endless email threads that develop when people are located far from each other.


Reduces distractions

Sitting in their own individual office space, workers in closed plan offices generally encounter fewer distractions than their counterparts in open plan spaces. With a quieter work environment, fewer interruptions and the option to close their door when they need privacy, workers can settle into their office chairs and enjoy greater productivity.

Offers more privacy

One great advantage closed plan offices hold over their open plan counterparts is the way in which they allow for increased privacy. Important for making confidential phone calls and handling sensitive material, a closed office helps to ensure that only the intend people are privy to the information being handled.

Can reduce absenteeism

Sitting together and sharing equipment in an open plan office may be more economical, but with workers sitting in such close proximity, illnesses tend to spread faster between workers than in closed plan spaces. Getting sick less often and missing fewer days at work, workers in closed plan spaces tend to have the upperhand on their open plan counterparts in this respect.

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