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Five Reasons to Choose Underfloor Heating for Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is often the coldest room in the house. Tiled floors and walls, zero soft furnishings, plus extractor fans to remove excess moisture mean that the average bathroom is about as cosy as a cave. However, given the fact that you probably spend a lot of time in there naked and dripping wet, you will have a far more pleasant experience if your bathroom is comfortably warm. Sydney Floor Heating will make your bathroom so luxurious you'll never want to leave.



Underfloor Heating Sydney

The majority of bathrooms have a traditional radiator or heated towel rail to heat the space. Both are perfectly fine, unless too small for the room, they should generate sufficient heat to ensure you don’t succumb to frostbite when you step out of the shower. But if you want a better than ‘okay’ bathroom experience, Sydney Floor Heating will transform your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Safety First

Safety is a very important feature in the bathroom because you have a lot of water to contend with. Old-fashioned wall or floor mounted electric heaters with exposed cabling are a seriously bad idea in a bathroom. Good quality electric underfloor heating is a much better alternative since it is fully compliant with all current safety standards and the cabling used in the installation will be completely waterproof. So even if your floor ends up damaged, there is zero chance of you getting electrocuted.

2. Family Friendly

Radiators are useful for drying towels on, but they soon become extremely hot when they fully on. As such, it is very easy for a small child to burn their hands or any other part of their body if they accidentally touch the red-hot metal surface. In a family bathroom, underfloor heating is a much safer way of heating the space—your children can pad around comfortably naked and barefoot without fear of being burned.

3. Space Saver

In a small bathroom, space is at a premium. You won’t have the luxury of plenty of floor and wall space, so every little helps. A radiator or towel rail will almost certainly take up space you can’t afford to lose, especially if you are struggling to find room for a stand-alone shower or extra sink unit. Underfloor heating removes the need for a radiator and ensures you have a lovely warm bathroom at all times.

4. Adds Value to Your Home

Underfloor heating is considered to be a luxury, so when the time comes to sell your home, a beautiful bathroom with clean lines afforded by unobtrusive underfloor heating will definitely be a major selling point. And if you do the job properly and have a good quality system installed, you can almost certainly expect to add value to your home.

5. The Right Temperature

Heating a bathroom with a radiator or electric fan heater can be a bit hit and miss, especially if your bathroom is large. Small bathrooms are often overwhelmed by radiators and veer between stiflingly hot and frigidly cold when the heating is not on. In the case of a large bathroom, hot air from a radiator rises and then cools off as it moves away. This leads to a very uneven heat distribution, which is not great if your bath is some distance away from the only radiator in the vicinity. With underfloor heating installed, your feet will always be warm and cosy, even in the depths of winter, and every corner of the room will feel nice and warm.

Underfloor heating really is a smart choice for a modern bathroom, wet room, shower room, kitchen or utility. It is a safe system for any room where water needs to be factored in, so if you are planning on redesigning one of these rooms, get rid of your old-fashioned radiators and replace them with underfloor heating instead.


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