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Sorry about the comments!

Due to an ongoing issue with our external comments system we have been forced to bring it back to the in-house system. This means that all previous comments have been removed.

No More Advertising

Patience is a limited commodity for most people and our patience with constant adverting articles has run out. There are some members of this site and their only interest is to post their advertisements (and probably get paid for them) at the expense of the site and other members. They never post anything but advertisements and never comment on anyone elses articles. Well the time has come

Recently I (the owner of Blog Australia) was forced to put the site up for bidding at auction to solve some personal issues. The auction is now finished and although there were several interested parties they were not willing to bid up to the value that I had place upon the site. What has been the result and where to go from here?

This is an important post from the owner of Blog Australia. Last year I was involved in a car accident with my twin 6 year old daughters. This accident was no fault of mine and was caused by an inattentive driver colliding with the rear of our vehicle causing me physical and financial problems that are still ongoing.

The New Look Australian Blog Site

Welcome to the new Australian blog site. We decided some time ago to upgrade and improve the site for both readers and writers. We are still in the process of sorting out some site features to make it easy for everyone and to include some interesting innovations.