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Proposed new media laws announced today have triggered an acrimonious debate between commercial news bosses and the Government, with the Daily Telegraph's front page comparing Communications Minister Stephen Conroy to dictators like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong.

THE ACT IS NOT DISCRIMINATORY—IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO APPLY The cautionary adage; if it is not broken, don’t fix it, applies also to the amendment of legislative acts. Where such acts have stood the test of time, amendments to or tinkering with can alter the intention of the act and leave the entire act open to new interpretation, thus weakening earlier resolve. In other words, it can open a whole new can of worms so, leave it alone.

Do these morally misguided, these mistrustful messengers of fear mean us harm or are they just a menace within our society? What motivates these strange people to such depths of betrayal? What profits them? I am sure I cannot figure it out. They all claim to be patriots but they are at the opposite end of the scale surely. They are normally people of rather high intelligence but they are somehow blinded to their own stupidity and I can only…

Enrique “Ricky” Martin is back on tour in Australia with an exciting and exhilarating song and dance performance. Ricky Martin is accompanied on stage by eight dancers and his band for the Ricky Martin Live Australian Tour. His Australian tour started on 3 October and ends on the 20th. His show centers on his latest hit single “Come with Me”, which debuted on the Kyle and Jackie O Show in Australia in June and number three on the Australian charts.

Celebrity Flirting - Have Mulder and Scully Made It Official?

IndusInd Bank, a prominent banking organization in India, recently announced that they will be partnering with Chelsea Football Club to bring Chelsea football merchandise and opportunities to fans living in India. In the press release, Chelsea FC thanked their avid supporters in India and the globalization of the team.