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Purely Australian, nothing else but Aussie and the best Aussie stuff around.

If we're honest, the films set in Australia are a mixed back at best. Amongst the great films there's some to be less proud of, we've put together a list of the top 5 films from Australia.

The next Run For The Kids is on Sunday 24th March 2013 for the Royal Children's Hospital Appeal.In the Herald Sun/CityLink Run for the Kids, all participants have the opportunity to be sponsored by family, friends and workmates. All money raised by sponsored runners will go to the Good Friday Royal Children's Hospital Appeal.

This is likely to be the penultimate election before Australia becomes a Republic. The following comment is unnecessarily long and boring, even for me as I reread it, and I apologise and suggest that if you have something more rewarding, that you turn to it. Otherwise, I would really hope that you might make some comment of your own in reply, establishing your considered views so the rest of us can better assess ours.

The bathroom is often the coldest room in the house. Tiled floors and walls, zero soft furnishings, plus extractor fans to remove excess moisture mean that the average bathroom is about as cosy as a cave. However, given the fact that you probably spend a lot of time in there naked and dripping wet, you will have a far more pleasant experience if your bathroom is comfortably warm.¬†Sydney Floor Heating¬†will make your bathroom so luxurious you'll never want…