Challenges To Face Before Building Your Mobile Application

26 Sep 2014

With the ever-expanding use of mobile and smart phones, the idea of developing enterprise mobile applications call for and growing demand in the market.Apps where to begin

As our mobiles turn into the most popular and trend-setting handheld devices for exploring the world of digital media, there is an increasing surge observed in the development of their apps. Majority of global corporations as well as small-to-medium business enterprises are consolidating ‘mobile application development’ into their business plans.

However, before a company plunges into building its mobile application, there are certain questions for which the company must have the precise answer.

Which device or platform should you choose for developing the app?

Fragmentation of the device remains to be a major challenge for mobile app projects, especially in the current scenario with millions of smart phone users globally. Although the percentage of people purchasing an Android phone might be more than that of iOS, but still one can also not ignore the fact iOS users are likely to spend more over the apps compared to Android users. Therefore, regardless of Android users representing a big market share, the users of iOS boasted of a bigger punch, when it comes to the transactional statistics.

What will be the functionalities that you will incorporate?

After identifying the platform, the next thing to think over is on the app functionality. It is always beneficial for your app to centralize on simplicity. Focus only on the things that are necessary and what the users demand. Encompassing all meaningless things can turn out to be a barrier to your app’s success. Thus, companies prior to development must analyze and know what the end-user wants to accomplish with the app.

How do you ensure its platform compatibility?

The best way to ensure your app’s compatibility over different platforms is to build the app for different platforms (or devices), at least the most popular ones. However, while doing this one must also ensure the proper working of their app on the platforms chosen.

How important will be the app’s design for an aesthetic end-user experience?

With thousands of apps competing for their share of space on a smart phone, it is essential that the app you develop has something that stands out in all respects. Therefore, the app design also plays a central role in its effectiveness and popularity. In case of two apps performing a similar function, the differentiating aspect becomes the visual aesthetics and the end-user experience.

Finally, whether do you want to develop the app in-house or outsource?

The strategic advantage of each of these for app development depends on the project objectives and the business implications. On one hand, developing in-house may provide a greater control and direction over the app., On the other hand, outsourced applications have the benefit of many economic resources, a reduced overhead, and the comfort of management focused retention.

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