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Top 4 Scuba Diving Spots In New Zealand

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New Zealand offers fascinating sights of shipwreck as well as natural formation that only qualified instructors will be able to guide. Here are just a few great notable dives in New Zealand that you should experience and is great all year round.NOAA photo by Paula Ayotte - Blog Australia

NOAA photo by Paula Ayotte - PIFSC

From the reefs of the North Island to the waters of the South Island, there are so many unique diving spots to uncover. Many tourists tend to visit New Zealand for its beautiful natural landscape, particularly of mountain ranges and pristine lakes. But one forgotten world is the underwater wonderland. Scuba diving as well as snorkelling are some of the top activities to take part in. The waters are clear and the marine life is vibrant.

New Zealand offers fascinating sights of shipwrecks as well as natural formations that only qualified instructors will be able to guide. Here are just a few great notable dives in New Zealand that you should experience and is great all year round.

Poor Knights Islands - North Island

The Poor Knights Islands is a protected marine reserve of a group of islands that is located fifteen miles off the coast of the Northland province at the very north end of the North Island. It is listed as one of the top 5 diving spots in the world.

Though quite a long boat ride compared to many, these islands showcase some amazing underwater landscape with a very lively and vibrant marine life. The dive is rather simple and straightforward with towering walls, arches, unique rock formations, caves and tunnels, you may get a chance to see some turtles, snapper, kingfish, stingrays, thousands of maomao and some of the largest lobsters and fish.

This scuba diving hotspot serves as a perfect setting for photography and should be listed on everyone's bucket list. Though visibility is clearest in Winter.  

The Rainbow Warrior - North Island

The Rainbow Warrior was Greenpeace’s flagship boat that was sunk by French saboteurs in 1987. The famous shipwreck now serves as an artificial reef near the Cavalli Islands for a vast range of marine life.

This diving spot now offers an incredible diving experience as it draws a variety of marine species where the wreck is covered in colourful reefs and buzzing with marine life. On an average day, sights of snapper, John dory, mackerel, moray eels and crayfish can be seen.

Many scuba diving companies along the east coast offer scuba trips to the diving site, and during peak season it can often be quite busy. With mild currents, the best time for visibility is from February.

Taputeranga Marine Reserve - North Island

The Taputeranga Marine Reserve is a recent marine protected region. With a wide area of around 800 hectares to explore, there are great dives for beginners as well as veterans. Shore dives are also possible with multiple shipwrecks to see. Since the newly named reserve, there has already been great growth not only with visitors but especially for the marine life. Fish are more lively and larger fish are also present.

The marine reserve is just a short distance from Wellington in the North Island. Best time to dive is from January.

Milford Sound - South Island

This incredible marvel is noted as the 8th natural wonder of the world. Located on the south-west coast of New Zealand’s South Island, and is one the most favourite tourist destination. Nothing short of a world heritage island, above land, it boasts towering cliffs with pristine waters. It is simply one of the most attractive locations in the world. Yet, this is before you even dive under.

Diving groups is typically small and intimate so that the natural setting may remain uninterrupted. Some sights to behold in this spot are black coral trees with unique rock formations. Dolphins, seals, sea dragons and a wide range of fish species can be seen.

This is not all you can do at New Zealand. In Between, dives make sure to check out the other thrills these islands has to offer. Bungee jumping, hiking, canyoning, river rafting, and the list goes on. Book your cheap flights to New Zealand now enjoy New Zealand from all angles and views.

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