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5 Duty Free Items To Stock Up On

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Duty free shopping is a great way to pass the time when you’re waiting to board your flight and start your holiday. However, while browsing the shelves of a duty free shop, it can be hard to work out which items will save you the most money and which are not worth your time.

Check out five of the best duty free steals to stock up on below and start planning your duty free shopping trip.


To get the best savings on makeup while you are duty free shopping, make sure you buy high end products. You can probably get a better deal on reasonably priced cosmetics from your local chemist. Buying high end makeup means you could save up to 50% at duty free. Makeup stores like MAC, Bobbi Brown and Benefit offer deals, limited edition palettes and exclusive travel packs in duty free stores around the world.

Tobacco Products

In most cases, buying products like cigarettes, cigars and tobacco at duty free will save you money. This depends mainly on the tax in your country. Before you buy cartons of cigarettes or drums of tobacco, be sure to check the duty free allowance in the country you are entering. For example, Australia’s limit on cigarettes is lower than that in the UK - but the tax is higher.

Skincare And Hair Products

As with makeup products, if you buy high end you, can make a huge saving on skincare and hair products from duty free. Look for brands like Clinique or Kiehl’s to get the best bargains. Some brands also make exclusive travel kits.


Treating yourself to a brand new scent while duty free shopping can mean big savings, but be wary of which styles you choose. Newer fragrances will not have much off the price and older fragrances will generally be the same price in your hometown. Go for a timeless classic like Chanel or a prolific perfume maker like Marc Jacobs to get the best deals.


Most travellers find that the biggest savings to be had in duty free are on alcohol products. Choosing something like an exotic rum or an aged whiskey will always be a good choice when duty free shopping, but, however, be sure to check that the shelf prices in the country you’re visiting are lower than your home country.

Why not save yourself the time in between flights and shop duty free online? Many airports around the world allow you to shop for duty free online before you travel. Just order online and pick up from your airport of choice.

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