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Decorating with Wall Art 101

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Art is an integral part of interior design.

With all the empty spaces on the wall in our homes, we can always decorate it with one of our favourite art paintings or even hang a tapestry to elevate the spaces to improve the look of our entire home.



Depending on the empty wall space, the sizes of the wall art print is important.

If it was just a big empty wall, having a small sized print will risk the picture getting lost on the wall and looking very lonely. In this case, fill up the space with a medium to large art piece to cover up the empty spaces and make it the focal point to add interest to it. Keep it at around eye level and make sure it’s not touching the ground.

Otherwise, if you just want decorate the wall above the furnitures, like this bed shown below, make sure the size of the artwork is in proportion to the size of the bed and centred horizontally above it. Otherwise, it will not be in scale and make the whole room arrangement look really strange.


Places for hanging

It is likely that in every house, there will be a few empty walls to decorate. There are many spaces to consider when hanging a wall art, from above the sofas, beds, work desks, to empty wall spaces.

Where you choose to put the wall art, make sure you do your measurement so that it is in proportion with everything else on that wall and consider having it at around eye level. Otherwise, it may seem a little awkward and not in unity with everything else.

It is also important to keep in mind that not every empty wall needs to be filled with an amazing art piece. Sometimes, less is more.


Symmetry & Asymmetry

Want to hang more than just one single picture on the wall? You can either experiment with symmetry or asymmetry in grouping those pieces together.

The art of symmetry is a very important element when it comes to design. Using symmetry in interior design, it creates importance, and maintains the visual balance and dimensions in a particular space. Following the same concept, choose pieces of artworks that are similar in sizes and shapes to keep the balance well on the blank wall space or above the furniture. If you’re planning to group more than four pieces of artwork together, try to imagine a vertical line that runs through the middle of them. They should be visually balanced on both side so it’s positioning isn’t too awkward and uncomfortable to the eyes.

There are no rules in how to arrange an asymmetrical display. You simply just have to use your imagination and be as creative as you want!

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