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How Social Media Can Help Your Career Prospects

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Social media can be especially helpful during some of the most significant moments of your life - making a career choice, job hunting or going through with a career change. Here’s some ways that social media can help your career prospects.

Career Insights

When you need career advice, utilise your professional and personal networks and reach out to people who can provide insights into careers and industries and hear their thoughts. You can follow people on LinkedIn or Twitter and learn new things daily about the field you’re currently in or interested in. Participation in discussions and commenting on articles is also a good way to discover career insights. Meet experts in your field and research for companies to work for.


Support Network

A career change is a daunting process which will typically require plenty of support and guidance so it is important to have a network to keep you on the right path.


Job Postings and Recommendations

The job hunting phase is a difficult one, as studies have shown that 70% of jobs are acquired through connections and aren’t advertised. Therefore it is vital to engage with others on social media to open your opportunities to job openings that people may share with you or are posted online. If you know someone well enough, they may even recommend you for a role at their company. The possibilities of networking on social media go very far.


Your Personal Brand

Show your future employers what you want them to see. Cultivate an online image that represents who you are as a person and try to leverage good first impressions as e.g. either a creative person or someone who likes trying new things.


Resumes with Personality

A social media profile such as one on LinkedIn does wonders for your overall portfolio, allowing you to include images and links to work you’ve produced and showcases your digital skills. Having an online resume casts your net even wider for your job search as employers might stumble upon your profile and end up wanting to hire you.

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