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How To Choose The Perfect Rug

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An area rug is an important addition to any space and must be carefully chosen to fit the style and use of the room! Read below to learn of the three most important elements to consider when choosing the perfect rug.


If you already have a lot of bright colours and patterns in your space, than you may like to think about getting a plain coloured or neutral rug to fit in with your existing colour palette. Be sure to take into account the colour of your flooring, walls and furnishings when choosing the perfect rug for your space. If you have a lot of neutral tones, a nice bold, bright rug could be the perfect spruce me up for the room! Alternatively, you may like to dial back colour in a room by adding a beige or neutral coloured rug to the space.


Size and Shape

The size of the rug should be chosen based off the size of your seating area. Whether it be for your dining or living room, you will want a rug that fits all your furniture nicely on top. Ideally, a rug will be big enough so that when sitting on your lounge or sofa, there is room for your feet to rest on. Same goes for the dining room. Your rug should extend beyond the dining table and fit the dining chairs when they are pulled out. Another thing to consider is the shape of the rug. A square or rectangular rug defined by sharp accents can be great for giving dimension to a space. Alternatively, a round circular rug can soften the sharp angles in a room.


Material and Texture

When purchasing a rug, you need to select the right material for the look of the room, and also consider the durability of the material needed. If the rug is going to be a statement piece in the room, you should opt for softer and sophisticated texture. A nice soft wool or cotton rug will be a classy and elegant addition to the room. It will also be comfortable under the feet when jumping off the lounge or sofa. If your rug is going in a high foot traffic area, natural rugs including jute and hemp are a safer option over softer materials. Steer clear of shaggy rugs as they can be a tripping hazard. Bedrooms and dining rooms tend to receive less foot traffic than entryways and living rooms so you can also choose the texture based off the room the rug is for.

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