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Date Night Style Guide

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Choosing the perfect outfit for date night can be a little stressful, especially if it’s your first date with your potential lover. You need to make sure you strike the right balance between looking your best yet still feeling comfortable. Below is a style guide for finding the perfect outfit for the different types of dates and to answer that age old question “What Do I Wear on a Date?”

Dinner Date

Perfecting the dinner date outfit, firstly depends on where you are dining. For a more relaxed location, you may like to pair skinny jeans with a soft flowy top and sandals. If the restaurant is a little more up market, a classic black dress with a contrasting statement necklace is a safe choice. Or if you’re not sure the how fancy or casual the restaurant will be, an off the shoulder, summer dress is a perfect choice to feel comfortable anywhere.


Sunset Picnic

A picnic date is the perfect opportunity for you to be comfortable and stress less about your outfit! A simple white tee paired with dark blue jeans and converse, is a classy but cool look for you to impress your man. Also, be mindful to not over accessorise. A simple pair of stud earrings paired with a Nixon watch would be a perfect choice for this occasion.  



Although it’s dark, you still need to dress to impress! Visiting the cinemas is always backed with a chilly climate, so even in the hotter months be sure to dress warm. A simple pair of straight leg jeans for comfort, paired with a linen singlet and cardigan will be the perfect outfit. In the cooler months you may also like to bring an extra big jacket to save yourself from being uncomfortably cold for the duration of the movie.



Going for drinks presents the perfect opportunity for you to look and feel your best in your favourite outfit. It leaves more outfits for you to choose from without being too over the top. If you are going for an effortless but trendy look, black skinny jeans paired with an off the shoulder top and heels is perfect. Or if you wish to go for a more feminine look, a classic little black dress with a statement necklace and black heels, is a dressier alternative.


Casual Hangout

A low key hangout is the time to show your lover the relaxed side of your style. It could be as simple as hanging out at home or going out for lunch. You still want to look presentable but be casual at the same time. A pair of tights and a knitted jumper are the perfect combination for this date. Both comfortable and cute but a lot more impressive than just wearing tracksuit pants and a cotton jumper.

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