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Tips for Duty Free Shopping

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Most people love a little bit of duty free shopping, regardless of if they’re wanting to kill some time at the airport or genuinely want to purchase a specific item or two. It’s a fun experience and you can make some great savings if you do your research and plan your shopping. Check out my top tips and make your next duty free shopping venture better than the last!

Check your allowances

Even before you travel, spend a few moments to check the duty free allowance for your destination. Some countries, such as New Zealand, are quite lenient, while other may prohibit certain items or allow you to purchase only small quantities. As it is often said, it’s better to be safer than sorry, and your bank balance will certainly thank you if you are able to hang on to all of your purchases.


Know what you’re after

We’ve all been in the same situation - you head into a duty free shop with a few ideas of what you’re after, you take a stroll around the store and you somehow end up with much more than you intended to buy. Stay on the good side of your bank balance and make a list of the items you’d like to purchase before you set foot in the duty free store and stick to it!


Look for promotions

Primarily held around Christmas, New Year's and popular holiday periods, sales promotions are an easy way to stretch your budget further and save on your most coveted items. Have a look at the websites of a couple of duty free store and check for any further savings that you could enjoy. You may be lucky or you may not, but it’s certainly worth spending a little extra time to save a few extra dollars.


Do your homework

As great as duty free shopping is, sometimes items can be cheaper to buy in regular retail stores. Jump online and compare prices before you shop so that you can rest assured that you are getting the best for your buck. If there’s a specific item that you’re after but have never purchased before, some extra information about the product won’t go astray either.


Search for exclusive products

At most duty free shops, you’ll find a broad selection of goods that you can find in any city around the world, such as leading alcohol brands. However, at most stores you’ll also be able to find a few items that are regional exclusives or hard to get elsewhere. Look for brands that you can’t buy at home, special editions and value sets.

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