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Ever played Pokémon? There's one Pokémon named Geodude, the spiky rock looking creature with a face and protruding limbs.


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Ever played Pokémon? There's one Pokémon named Geodude, the spiky rock looking creature with a face and protruding limbs. If you know him, you probably have mistaken his name's meaning. Geodude is not a geological dude; it's actually based on a geode.

What is a geode?

A geode is an egg shaped lump of rock with a hollow or solid cavity inside filled with crystals or other minerals. Geodes form when pockets of air are trapped in volcanic ash by objects obstructing their ascent.

As volcanic ash cools down and solidifies the bubbles form crevices. As time goes by, mineral rich water seeps into these cavities and makes their deposits. The water and mineral depositing process repeats for thousands or even millions of years and as the minerals deposit, they follow their natural crystalline structure thus forming beautiful geodes.

Geodes form deep beneath our feet, inside volcanoes or in the edges of tectonic plates. Until nature decides to spew them out by volcanic eruptions, fracturing land or rubbing them off by water, they are basically inaccessible. But lucky for us that mother nature already dumped out a lot of them.

Geode Hunting

There are tons of geodes for everyone; the only problem is finding one. Location is the primary key when you go looking for geodes. Creek beds or anywhere that water has greatly eroded for the most part probably houses a geode or two. The erosion caused by water exposes the layers that are normally inaccessible or very hard to get to.

Another best place lace to locate these geodes is near volcanoes and their volcanic ash beds. When volcanoes throw large chunks of rock out, geodes trapped within those rocks are set free into more accessible places.

Then there are deserts where harsh winds and drastic climate changes that tend to break down large rocks that can expose their contents. Most rocks are either formed by old volcanic activities or pushed up by tectonic movements.

I got a geode, what now?

The use of these magnificent rocks and crystals are limitless chiefly if you're into arts and design or just a creative person. Such beauties are mainly used for jewellery just because of their crystalline nature. But that does not limit its applications.

Geodes have been used as candle holders, decorative bowls, fountain decoration, stone carvings and many other more. The artistic application of these rocks is basically boundless when they get to the hands of an expert artisan.

Can they fetch a good price?

The price of geodes can range from four dollars to several thousands. These things due to their beauty, rarity and the hard work needed to get to them, more often have high prices in the market. They can also be cheap when the seller is near geode rich sites. But still, if the geode is of extreme rarity with regards to crystalline structure, type of mineral and colour, they will have a neat price tag with them no matter how close they are to the origin.

Jewellery made from geodes can be significantly more valuable than raw ones. Australia has a lot of geode locations that comes with their great desert plains. So if you are looking for unique jewellery Perth or any other parts of the country; chances are they'll be cheaper than other countries due to the immediacy of sources.

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