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Celebrity Flirting - David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson Featured

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Celebrity Flirting - Have Mulder and Scully Made It Official?

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For several years there have been rumours circulating that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have been having a secret long-standing affair; it would explain all that chemistry between Mulder and Scully on the X-Files. The pair have continuously denied the rumours of the affair and even avoided appearing in public together to to prevent any further rumours of a coupling.

But, recently the pair have been a little bit more open about their connection to one another. In her March interview with the Huffington Post, Gillian admitted that she and David have a "mutual attraction for each other." Tell us something we don't know Gillian.

However, there is more - David recently officially joined Twitter and although he has very few Tweets, two of them were dedicated to his former co-star Gillian. The first goes like this: "Hi @GillianA why did you keep twitter a secret from me all these years? I'm here and I heart scully ;) What's up?" Doesn't the winky face emoticon say it all?

The second tweet he send was a comment of a doodle Gillian posted: "Mulder is from Mars and Scully is from...Venus?" Well doodled, G woman, well doodled indeed @GillianA." So is this some serious celebrity flirt, or just the expressions of a long-standing friendship?

Will they finally come clean and admit they are in the worst kept secret relationship in history, or is it just the wishful thinking of X-Files fans, hoping that Mulder and Scully will make it for real? I guess only time will tell.

Read the full story on Celebrity Dirty Laundry.


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