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Learn How to Recognise a Narcissistic Abuser and How to Live With Them

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During childhood, we all go through narcissistic stages - but to a certain extent. It is a normal phase in psychological development of every child. However, some people continue to exhibit this behavior even in adulthood. At this point, it becomes a personal disorder. Unfortunately, this trait sometimes goes to great extent and often has an abusive side. For that reason, narcissism is considered one of the main types of personality disorders.

Narcissism is measured on a scale of 1-10. Healthy narcissism is categorized as number 1, while Narcissism personality Disorder falls under number 10.

That said, you may want to know what narcissistic abuse is all about. A narcissistic partner has a sense of self importance. They are capable of inflicting emotional and psychological trauma to those living with or around them. These people require constant attention and praise while using the very people living with them to gratify their feelings of superiority. When they are criticized in any way, they retaliate to an extent of humiliating the person who criticized them. It you are living with someone whom you are suspecting to be narcissistic, the following signs and symptoms should tell you ''point blank'' that you may soon become a victim of narcissistic abuse.

1 They always complain of being in a relationship where they receive little to no emotional support at all. Even if you are sharing tasks, they always complain of doing the hardest part of the task.

2 They accuse their partners of acting differently in private than when in public. They tend to view their partners as cold and unavailable when in private whereas when in company, they are active and charismatic.

3 They often feel that they are inferior when in a relationship. They always think they are being criticized to the point that drives them crazy.

4 They are constantly in confusion due to eroding of their self esteem and confidence.

5 They live a life of constant lies and exaggeration because they feel this is the only way to protect their image, and gain constant admiration and attention they badly need from others.

Narcissistic abuse does not always occur by chance. As a matter of fact, narcissistic people often hide their behavior when in a new relationship. Soon afterwards, they realize that they can't live in pretense, so they gradually begin showing the top 5 signs above (including others not mentioned) in order to satisfy what their feelings tell them. It is something that grows step by step until it's fully blown, that's when you know that you are living with a narcissistic person.

This category of people are hard to live with. The more he/she continues to exhibit these characteristics, the more it proves to be extremely difficult to live with them. Notice the phrase ''live with''. In other words, this type of person may do just fine when at work or in the company of others. In fact those who don't know that they are suffering from this disorder may perceive them as superior and intelligent people. However, those who live or hang around them for a long time are the only people who may begin seeing their narcissistic nature.

Depending on one's situation, you may find it really hard to deal with this problem. If you are married, you may choose to stay. On the other hand, if you belong to the same club, you may opt out. The bottom line is this; you can't try to fix the person-it's a behavior that started very early, or in traumatic stages in life. So forget about that. Instead, protect yourself. Set clear boundaries that lets them know you can't be manipulated.

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