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Tips To Take Proper Care Of Your Little Puppy During The Cold Winter Months

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You can be probably combat cold weather when the temperature drops by wearing a sweater. However, if you are a little puppy, keep in mind that it does not have this benefit. Abrupt changes in the weather are not uncommon in the country during winter and it can leave a puppy shivering in shock. Little puppies, especially short-furred ones, do not react to cold weather very well. If the temperatures are dipping, your puppy will need a bit of special attention to stay happy, healthy, safe and warm this winter. Keep your puppy at its best during the cold months ahead by following these helpful tips below.

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Stimulate Fur Growth

Gradually get your puppy accustomed to outdoor chills. Growth of thicker fur will be stimulated this way, which will protect them from the cold and keep your puppy healthy. If your puppy is an exclusively indoor pet, do not leave it outside for a long time. You can get your puppy used to the cold by taking it on short 2 to 3-hour trips outside in early Fall. As winter arrives, you may reduce the duration of the trips.

Reduce Fly-Away Fur

During the winter, artificial heat from furnaces can cause puppies, in particular, to develop dry skin, dull coats, and far filled with static. These drying effects of the cold weather can be countered by if you feed your puppy fatty acid supplements after consulting with a veterinarian. Do not comb your puppy during winter; it will only create more static. The charge can be "grounded" and the static can be eliminated by using a wire hanger.

Dress For Winter

Puppies have less fat and muscle mass than adult dogs so they tend to be less cold tolerant. In adult dogs, fat and muscle increases their metabolism, keeping them warm. Puppy coats are not long or thick enough to offer protection and due to lesser body mass, they cannot generate enough body heat. Thus, dressing a puppy in a doggy sweat and keep it warm, especially when must go outside to attend to nature's call.

Provide Warm Shelter

If your puppy gets wet or sits in the cold, this will strip away its body heat and predispose it to cold risks. Make sure you keep your puppy's fur clean, dry and untangled so it is able to trap a warm layer of air next to its skin that will help protect it from the cold. Avoid giving your puppy a shelter that is too large for it. The smaller the shelter the more effectively your puppy's body heat will fill up the space in the shelter and keep it warm. You may also place a puppy size dog crate inside. Some heat pads are also available and you can place on in the crate so that your puppy has a nice, cozy, warm bed to sleep in.

Adjust Puppy Feeding

Your puppy will not be able to stay warm unless it eats well, so its body can burn the food as fuel to keep it warm. Increased body warmth cannot be generated without sufficient calories. Although you should include "performance" diets and puppy food in your puppy's diet, but avoid overfeeding and increasing the times you feed it if your puppy is staying indoors.

A little pup can be a real bundle of joy and that is why you should take proper care of it during the cold, winter months by following the above tips.

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