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The Maria Island: A Paradise Untouched By Human Hands

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit a pure island that hasn't been touched by human hands, and island where you do not need to worry about disease and where some of the Earth's most endangered species could roam free? If so, then you should know that this island is perfectly real, and it's called the Maria Island. Located on the East cost of Tasmania, this is a beautiful natural island that would captivate you in an instant. Away from the hustle and bustle of the large cities, the Maria Island is uninhabited and it's doing perfectly like this.




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There are no cars or advanced technologies around here, the beaches are breath-taking, the mountains and forests are full of wildlife: in a nutshell, the Maria Island has everything you could possibly wish for, it is really like Heaven on Earth. As a matter of fact, the island is so beautiful and so serene that it has been populated with endangered species who thrive here, away from predators, fatal diseases and human activity: the latter being the most serious cause of extinction nowadays.


Maria Island, The Endangered Species Paradise                       Image Source: www.guideoftravels.com


The Forester kangaroos are in danger of extinction and so are the wallabies: what better way is there to help preserving their species and to ensure a long, healthy and prosperous reproductive life than by moving them to the Maria Island? The Tasmanian Devil is also expected to arrive to the island in the near future, given the fact that the number of Tasmanian Devils has dropped significantly in the 1990s. This is why authorities plan to send healthy animals to the island, where they would get the chance to live a healthy life, away from diseases that would put their life at risk.


Brief History Of The Island


The Maria Island is a real savior for many different reasons: few people know that the island which is now the savior of many endangered species, used to give people a second chance as well. Centuries ago, Maria Island served as penal settlement and it has build a reputation for itself through the high number of escapes. The island was a place of ease for most of the convicts that were shipped in the area. After serving as a penal settlement, the Maria Island was then turned into a probation station where inmates could work hard to regain their freedom.


The Island Full Of History And Mystery


Blog AustraliaOn the island, you can still see some historic ruins and traces of human activity that date back to the beginning of the 19th century. Some of these old buildings are still up today, and they have been turned into small museums for those who are interested to find out more about the Maria Island's troubled past. The old penitentiary where the inmates were send is still there today, and there is even a campground where you can stay overnight, if you are passionate about nature and the great outdoors. If you want flexibility and freedom to move, you can opt for a campervan rental in Tasmania here: www.discovery-campervans.com.au/camper/tasmania_1.php.

One thing is for sure, though: the island is amazing when it comes to wildlife, and if you wait long enough you might even see the wildlife of the island to the fullest, when the wallabies come on the beach. There are many day trips organized to and from the island, and several ferries come here times a day. You can find daily connections to the East coast of Tasmania during winter as well.

Image Source: www.melbournereview.com.au

The island is amazing, and the isolated beaches coupled with the picturesque cliffs will surely appeal to you. Moreover, this is the perfect destination for hiking and biking fans, as there are numerous tracks around the entire island. On the other hand, the Maria Island is also a very popular choice amongst those who love snorkeling.

In conclusion, Maria Island is very isolated and it is located away from modern civilization: it is the perfect retreat if you want to relax and disconnect from the modern world for a couple of days. If you plan to travel to the island in the near future, do not expect to find shops or
restaurants: people are trying to preserve the island as much as they can, therefore you will have to be self-sufficient!


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