David Edwards

David Edwards

A Dummy's Guide to Carbon Tax

An irreverent look into the ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme).  

Do these morally misguided, these mistrustful messengers of fear mean us harm or are they just a menace within our society?   What motivates these strange people to such depths of betrayal?  What profits them?  I am sure I cannot figure it out.  They all claim to be patriots but they are at the opposite end of the scale surely.  They are normally people of rather high intelligence but they are somehow blinded to their own stupidity and I can only wonder if they are not, to some measure, insane, and should be dealt with on that level.

This is likely to be the penultimate election before Australia becomes a Republic.  The following comment is unnecessarily long and boring, even for me as I reread it, and I apologise and suggest that if you have something more rewarding, that you turn to it.  Otherwise, I would really hope that you might make some comment of your own in reply, establishing your considered views so the rest of us can better assess ours.

So, who you gonna vote for?

I shan’t tell you for whom to vote.  May I tell you, though, for whom you should not vote?

On Being A Racist

Humans have long divided themselves into tribes and sects, allowing superstition, religion and culture to flame hatred one to the other.  It has caused slavery, genocide, and the destruction of entire civilizations that were at the forefront of knowledge; a mammoth loss to the whole of humankind.  Was any of it worth it?  Is bigotry and racism simply part of our genetic makeup that cannot be overcome?  Can we justify calling others racist?  And, more to the point, is any of it valid?

Please Go Away Mr Rudd

I did not intend to write this blog.  I am an adherent of the sporting rule of play the ball, not the man.  So, it is rare that I attack anyone on a personal level and I am not too happy with myself for doing so now and especially so in such an open arena, but Mr Rudd, MP, has really gotten my goat this time.  This is a personal attack on Mr Rudd from someone in the cheap seats and if you are a champion of Mr Rudd, then you might want to consider this is just an ill-mannered rant from some misinformed curmudgeon and turn to something more elevating.  I shan’t mind in the least for you are probably correct in your assessment.

Politicians are fond of reminding us how much better off they could be by having stayed in the private sector rather than accept the meagre pittance, miserly handouts and thin promises of a life after politics we taxpayers deign to offer our Members of Parliament.  They wish only to serve their country, they claim, and they clearly must mean that because why else would they deliver their stirring speeches while standing in front of a furled Australian flag?  They choose, though they would much rather infer that they have been anointed, which Party they will represent because, like long established businesses, they have an image that can be trusted and relied upon, core values that will always remain true.  A vote for a particular Polly is a vote for the Party of which they are proud to sit on the benches.   How much should we rely on their rhetoric?  And just how much are we really entitled to expect that what their Party stands for is what that Party will deliver after the flags have stopped waving? 

The recent pronouncement by climatologists that, at four-hundred parts per million and rising, atmospheric carbon dioxide is at a level not experienced in three-million years is disturbing if not alarming.  It should result in galvanic response across the globe to begin extraction of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than just slowing down the emissions we are shoving into it.  We all know what the likelihood of that is going to be.  In any event, this—possibly calamitous—situation may only serve to exacerbate an earlier mistake we made; and it may already be too late to save our fast-sinking ship.  Here is what worries me:

Same-Sex Marriage

The cautionary adage; if it is not broken, don’t fix it, applies also to the amendment of legislative acts.  Where such acts have stood the test of time, amendments to or tinkering with can alter the intention of the act and leave the entire act open to new interpretation, thus weakening earlier resolve.  In other words, it can open a whole new can of worms so, leave it alone.

The response of some politicians to looming crises tend to make one wonder if they really don't want to know about the problems we face unless it offers them a chance to grind their axe at a hastily convened media conference.