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Do you have a small farm? A patch of ground you cherish? And so much to do on it that there is hardly a moment to exchange views on what happens there. Or perhaps you wish you had such a retreat and would like to read about doing this. Either way, I hope you will enjoy 'Small Farm – Much -a-do' and maybe comment so that I can hear another point of view. My name is Flo.

6th September 2013 Miscellaneous happenings Ben brought a beehive yesterday. He has put it to the east of a wattle shrub so that in the summer, the evening sun does not cook the hive. They will enjoy being out when the temperature is over 16 degrees and can travel to find blossom two to three km. Bees that have to travel far have shorter lives than those that feed close at hand. There is still lucerne tree blossom, some almond…