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Australia has a long history of motorsports and many of the world’s most famous drivers and riders have come from the land down under. Some of the most famous races in the biggest series visits take place in Australia. For motorsport fans, the distances involved between venues can be a problem but not if you do a bit of planning. Even if you make a late decision to go to a race, it’s quite easy to get some deals on…

The recent release of the report on "doping" and match fixing in high profile sports highlights the depravity that comes from our idolatory of sport. Should we do something about it? What the hell can we do? Do we accept that our athletes will go to whatever length to be the winners, or must we define some limit? This drug good, that drug bad? And the gambling that accompanies every game? We can accept that this has always been with…

The roar of the engine, the high speeds, the pulse pumping adrenalin. Those are the things you do know about motocross (and any other form of automotive) racing. But these are 5 things you don't:

Immerse yourself in one the biggest aquariums in the world. Whether you're an avid animal lover or not, these MONSTER aquariums are a must-see! Seeing these exotic underwater animals up close and personal is highly fascinating.