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Mr Howard left left us a legacy - a recognition of our belief that we should help each other in times of need. His "Compassionate Society" speech was a landmark which may guide us to our choice in the September 14 election. We should not forget who we are voting for and that for which they truly stand.

It now seems to be happening. A bill is likely to be passed in the Australian Parliament that will wipe out pensions for Australians living outside of the country.

The response of some politicians to looming crises tend to make one wonder if they really don't want to know about the problems we face unless it offers them a chance to grind their axe at a hastily convened media conference.

The policy issue of juvenile boot camps has been particularly controversial in the media recently. The controversy surrounding this issue stems from both the Labour party’s view and the Liberal party’s view as to whether the camps will be long term effective, cost effective and reduce recidivism rates. Unfortunately, there is insufficient data to actually prove whether these camps are effective. As a result, it is important that we take into consideration both political parties viewpoints as well as the…

Mr Abbott’s Budget reply speech last night was a tremendous challenge for me. Although I have for many years had difficulty listening to Mr Abbott without getting angry, I tried to listen as I might imagine his Party Faithful; with some faith in his genuineness and intelligence.

Politicians are fond of reminding us how much better off they could be by having stayed in the private sector rather than accept the meagre pittance, miserly handouts and thin promises of a life after politics we taxpayers deign to offer our Members of Parliament. They wish only to serve their country, they claim, and they clearly must mean that because why else would they deliver their stirring speeches while standing in front of a furled Australian flag? They choose,…

I shan’t tell you for whom to vote. May I tell you, though, for whom you should not vote?

Politics is a difficult subject. Discussions often gets people agitated because, as with religion, we all have our own views and believe that what we think is right. But there is no right or wrong here; simply a diversity of opinion. And this is what makes a democracy - the engagement of a wide range of views in order to formulate a governance which leads to a better management of our nation toward what is best for the National Interest.

Well! What a night that was. Julia Gillard sunk under the weight of opinion and Kevin Rudd is our "new" PM. But Julia Gillard has left a legacy that will remembered for generations to come. Not just because she was our first woman Prime Minister, but for her efforts to create the conditions for a better Australia.

Why is our state and federal governments not doing more to resolve this critical issue going into a future with a predicted 48 million population by 2040 ?

why older Australians should not forgo their voting rites in my opinion this would be the start of taking rights away from pensioners and should be fought roburstly as we all will be aged Australians eventually

Australias working class are fed up with being the donkey for the tax system not only that they are fed up of having no real choices in our political parties i mean to say they are all so simillar they may aswell be called the the liblab party

what country in the world hasn't been invaded, conquered or settled by previous cultures at some time in recorded history, and there is the sticking point for me, recorded history! which goes back what two to five thousand years, so who were the 1st settlers of any country before then do we really know ?

The liberals might want to think again that a double D is the best option for them ! be careful what you wish for

if anything needs to be stopped this does, this a backward step and another level of burocratic red tape and an excuse for state governments to tax the mass's more once again and it will only fall on the back of the working man !

Australian general election 2016 Australian liberal party out of touch Australian elections 2016 liberal party take ordinary people for granted liberals can loose this election , labour can win this election if workers penioners and veterans unite against the total disregard the liberal party has for us ONE THING EVERYDAY ORDINARY PEOPLE MUST DO IS DO NOT RE-ELECT THIS LIBERAL GOVERNMENT ! PENSIONERS THE WORKING CLASS UNITE AND SHOW THIS PARTY FOR THE RICH AND CORPORATE MAGNATES WE WONT STAND…

The last time I looked we had an Australian head of state, Sir Peter Cosgrove. True the Queen of England is the figurehead but all powers are invested in him. If we move to a republic we introduce a third component to Government. The party in power, the opposition and a president. On top of this the cost increases dramatically. The need for a costly third election and support staff for the president. Just look at the money spent on…