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This popular drink is a favourite of any bar and is renowned for its bold fusion of sour and sweet. Famously served in a salt rimmed glass, this boozy drink is perfect for when you’re at a party, or just relaxing at home. Margaritas are so popular that they’re often sold premixed at many restaurants, but the traditional margarita still takes skill to make. This is a great recipe to ensure you get that famous flavour every time.

When most people think of duty free stores, alcohol is generally the first thing that comes to mind. While alcohol is a big seller for these type of shops, it’s likely that you’ll be surprised at what else you can find in stock!

Are you waiting for a connecting flight, or just way ahead of schedule? Either way, you’re probably not going anywhere soon, so check out these tips on how to best spend your time at Auckland Airport.

I love to shop on eBay. Mainly I bid on bargains and sell them elswhere. Finding the bargains was always the problem. Getting into bidding wars always took away the 'bargain factor'. I was looking around the other day and found an excellent tool to help find the bargains that are ending soon and have no bids.

*Domesticated goddess. A diary of a simple housewife, with nothing better to do than to broadcast my life over the Internet. Mainly because my daughter is too young to understand anything other than the word "bottle" and various funny faces. And my partner doesn't work nights or abandon me for the Xbox or computer games, he's just ... male. And most nights I wanna beat him with a breast pump when he doesn't understand why I want caramel mudcake at…

Vipers in our living room No vacancy for Asylum seekers Perhaps, following the bizarre tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing, we in the western world should be closing our doors and erecting No Vacancy signs to those seeking asylum in our midst. It seems that the only things these refugees pack for the trip are their hatreds; whether that hatred is directed at us or to those with whom they disagree in their country of birth.

Gun Control Each time an atrocity occurs involving firearms, the call goes out for tighter gun controls and stricter provisions on who can access weapons and the types of guns that can be made available to them. Each time the call goes out, it meets with failure. It does not seem to matter what flavour of government happens to be in power, how strong or weak the lobbyists are; the bills are either watered down to where they accomplish little…

I did not intend to write this blog. I am an adherent of the sporting rule of play the ball, not the man. So, it is rare that I attack anyone on a personal level and I am not too happy with myself for doing so now and especially so in such an open arena, but Mr Rudd, MP, has really gotten my goat this time. This is a personal attack on Mr Rudd from someone in the cheap seats…

As we understand a little deeper out of blue we can come to the real conclusion that many of us in this modern world of today that we live in hasnot achieved much in delivering the best to people of all. one reason that is very evident is that we still havenot figured out what exactly needs change.the change for good of all. as well we have lost that direction of what is the need of the time.what needs address,i…

Remodeling, renovating and improving your home can definitely give it a makeover, give you more space, and make it a better place to live in. But it has more to offer.

Tools are a worthwhile investment for our homes. The tools play a very important role in some of the minor repairs that may need to be carried out.

If you are travelling to China, then you must be aware of the basic travel documents required. You must have a valid passport, with at least two blank pages and a validity of at least six months from his date of arrival in China.

Installing a kitchen can be fun and exciting. It brings out one’s creativity and innovation in designing this structure based on the homeowner’s preference.

The need for a plumber has become a necessity. Technology brought so much advancement in the household, including modern plumbing equipment, which make lives easier and better.

Potable water is life. Do you get your drinking water directly from the faucet? This may quench your thirst but it is not 100% safe for drinking.

A functional and cozy kitchen can be the best gift that you can give your family. It is the core of your household where dining in, eating together, casual conversations, late-night talks, home works and other intimate family gatherings are held.

There are numerous things that can be added in homes to increase beauty of the homes. These things modify looks of certain parts of the home and ultimately provide amazing beauty to the homes and work places and any such sort of building.

In these modern times, we can be sure that our sewage goes to where it should be and our drinking water is safe and free of contaminants.