02 Dec 2016

5_steps_to_clean_a_tyre_blogHaving a cleaner tyre can go a long way in enhancing the overall image of your car. Heres how to make your tyres look as fresh as the rest of your car in these quick and easy steps.



Cleaning a car tyre is honestly not the first thing that comes to mind, and is rarely an afterthought when washing the car. It is because tyres are always subjected to constant elements and do not seem as dirty than they really are. No one really takes notice of a dirty tyre unless you go hardcore off-roading.

Having a cleaner tyre can go a long way in enhancing the overall image of your car. Heres how to make your tyres look as fresh as the rest of your car in these quick and easy steps.

Firstly, it is ideal to clean your tyres like your car, in the shade, otherwise warm-cool weather will do. Cleaning the tyre before cleaning the car prevents any ugly splash backs.



There are many brands of tyre cleaning agents that do the job quite effectively. Make sure you read the instructions carefully, as some agents work on both wheels and tyres and some, tyres alone. Car wash soap is not effective in cleaning the tyres and may leave a film on top.

  1. Spray the agent in a sweeping motion on half of the tyre then proceed to the other half. Avoid getting the solution on your wheels/rims unless the cleaner states that it could be used for both.

  1. Let the solution set, usually a minute depending on instructions to let it work its magic. This loosens up all the dirt and buildup making it easier to clean.


Use a stiff plastic bristle brush to remove any white film or browning. No metal brushes. Be wary of not scrubbing your wheels edge, face and hitting your guards. If anything hard or sharp may be caught in the bristles you may be likely to scratch the wheels.

  1. Scrub back and forth, as well as circular motions to get optimal results.

  1. Use the hose and jet stream the brush to clean it afterwards.

If you are using a wheel and tyre cleaner, you could also clean your rims at this stage with wheel brushes or sponge.


After you are done brushing it clean, you can hose down the tyre.

  1. With medium-high pressure, rinse off the solution from the sidewall and tread. If using a high-pressure hose consider wearing eye protection.


You can repeat the steps if the tyre is dirty and stubborn.

  1. If the browning is stubborn and still present, you can apply a tyre gel with a sponge or rag.

Rinse off the gel after application and do not let it dry on the tyre.


The last step in having a properly cleaned tyre is to apply tyre dressing, otherwise known as shine. Generally, most would skip the cleaning process altogether and opt for the tyre shine step alone, but this merely masks the grime and dirt. The shine gives the tyre a wet and brand new look.

  1. Wipe the sidewall of the tyre clean dry if it is not already. The solution is best applied by hand with a sponge, tho some tyre shine also come in a spray for quick applications.

  1. Avoid getting the solution on the tyre tread, wheels and paint of your car. Wipe off with a clean rag if you do. Its advised not to put any shine on during rainy days.

Having a clean tyre not only enhances the beauty of your car but it also helps in the long run, lessening tyre cracking.

Cleaning your tyres properly makes it easier and faster the next time around. Besides cleaning your car properly, you should also be maintaining your car's health, by regularly servicing the car, like checking the fluids, changing the engine oil, replacing or cleaning the air filter, wheel alignments, and checking the car battery.

Keeping both, car service and a clean car in a routine not only keeps it looking new and feeling new, but it prolongs the life of the vehicle. This ultimately benefits you, for reliability and future resale value.

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