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Is Your Office Chair Ruining Your Life?

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If you work in an office chances are you spend a lot of time in an office chair at your desk - but is it ruining your life? You’re probably at work more than you’re in your own bed, so it's important to have a comfortable chair for those eight hours a day. There are many benefits to sitting in a well-made office chair, and not just for your posture.

Check out some of the different types of office chair available below and see how a new seat could improve your worklife.

Kneeling Chair

Kneeling chairs encourage active sitting instead of a slumped, passive sitting style. By having your hips in an open position you are aligning your back, shoulders and neck, which in turn improves your overall posture. A kneeling chair also gives your core muscles a workout as your upper body balances itself out using your back and abdominal muscles.


Ergonomic Chair

Sitting for an extended period of time may result in lower back pain or muscle fatigue, decreasing your productivity. Mainly used to help prevent and relieve pain in your lower back and joints, ergonomic chairs are made to mould to your body shape. The mesh design supports your curves, giving extra comfort and leaving you to concentrate on your workload. Most ergonomic chairs also  allow the seat position and height of the chair to adjust to the length of your legs, improving your circulation.


Executive Chair

Designed to give full support to your body, executive chairs offer a cushioned and comfortable seat. In this chair your head, neck, shoulders and back are in the right position, causing less stress on your back and righting your posture. Unlike other office chairs. executive chairs have arm rests allowing you to rest your hands and elbows with ease. Executive chairs also add a touch of class to the office decor, giving your desk a more professional look.


Saddle Chair

A saddle chair looks exactly like it sounds, with an equestrian saddle-style seat. Many people are now getting back in the saddle due to its posture-correcting powers. The strong saddle pose strengthens the back and abdominal muscles, correcting your back issues itself as your muscles work to fit the new posture.

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