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5 Things A Competent Hypnotist Must Have

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5 Things A Competent Hypnotist Must Have

No matter how advanced we get, the basics always come back full circle. So we must remember these in order to fall back on when the time comes. So knowing 5 things a competent hypnotist must have can bring your old ideas back to life, for a compelling hypnotic approach

Always remember that the basics are what govern even the most glamorous techniques, will serve us well as hypnotists.

All to often we can get swept away in the latest fashion and style of therapy and forget what got us there in the first place.

It’s the basics that have created the very hypnotist you are today. It’s the basics that have created the understandings of your hypnotic approach.

So in addition to this, knowing 5 things a competent hypnotist must have, can reconnect you to the simple ideas that you can then enhance and add back into your practice.

  1. Signal recognition : Knowing what trance looks like, sounds like and expresses like is key for the beginner and for the advanced. If we forget to even look for trance occurring we miss all the signals the unconscious mind is giving us. Always remember the basic trance cues like eye fluttering, lack of movement, inability to think clearly, automatic movement and shallow breathing.
  2. A sense of curiosity : If you find yourself getting bored with the same smoking clients or the same excuses you have lost this concept. Being curious is what adds flair and care to your session. Stay curious about how your client will help himself, or be curious as to how you will begin your trance process and most importantly stay curious about how you could make this a career for yourself. 
  3. Language basics : Always remember the basics of  hypnotic language. Using the basic structure of language patterns and hypnotic language can save you in times of confusion or doubt for what to do next. There is nothing worse than ” umming and arghing “ when trying to work with a client. Fill in the gaps between your techniques with a clear flow of language.
  4. Ethics : Treating your client with privacy, care, safety and kindness add a sense of maturity to your session. We sometimes get carried away and spend so long trying to show how good we are as a hypnotist, and how quick we can put a client into trance, that we forget this most important factor.
  5. Your own trance : We have heard this time and time again, that we must go first. Going into your own trance not only creates the correct environment for the session, buts puts you in the right frame of mind to run the session. Your own unconscious is where your creativity and your techniques live. So in order to know what to do first, you must enter your own mind before you help your clients.
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