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4 Benefits of Going to the Beach

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The sun on your skin, the cool feel of the ocean, the soft sand beneath your toes. We all love, or dream, of sandy beaches and turquoise waters, but there are many hidden health benefits of hitting the beach.

  1. Source of vitamin D

Most people go to the beach because of the sun. Though too much sun exposure can increase risks of skin cancer, it’s still important to get enough daily vitamin D, which is essential for bone health as well as healthy looking skin. We spend a lot of our days and weeks being inside either at work or at home, so going to the beach on a sunny day is a great way to ensure we get some of that much needed vitamin D.


  1. Natural exfoliating properties of sand

The coarseness of sand makes it a great natural exfoliator, peeling away dead skin cells, while the sea salt of the ocean soothes the skin. Many beauty and healthcare products try to bottle the clean yet soothing feeling of the beach in exfoliating scrubs, body washes or sea salt sprays for hair, so why not grab your swimmers and experience this yourself?


  1. Increases physical activity

Whether you’re heading out for a surf, treading around in the shallow waters jumping waves with your friends or taking a stroll down the wet sand, spending a day at the beach increases physical activity and gives you a workout without much effort.


  1. Decreases stress by helping you unwind

The meditative sound of waves repeatedly breaking and lapping on the shores, the smell of fresh air, and the view of endless ocean meeting an unbroken horizon all create a peaceful atmosphere that helps with relaxation and destressing. Going to the beach during the golden hours of sunrise or sunset and simply sitting on a comfy beach towel for half an hour is a highly therapeutic way to unwind. 

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