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Miracles of Water Cure

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70% of the human body consists of water and similarly, the Earth is 70% water.


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70% of the human body consists of water and similarly, the Earth is 70% water. But with the ever growing global population that is close to reaching 7 billion, would you believe that we’re just sharing 2% of the Earth’s water? 98% is salt water and we don’t even use the whole lot of the fresh ones, some are trapped on icebergs. The water you might be using to bath might be the same water Cleopatra used to wash her feet once. Imagine how old the water is!

Are You Sick or Just Thirsty?

Dr. Batmanghelidj once quoted "You're not sick; you're thirsty. Don't treat thirst with medication." Dr. Batmanghelidj is internationally known for pursuing his studies on the natural healing powers of water.

Aside from him, many nutritionists, fitness instructor and dietitian also recommend that before eating anything, assess your body first. You might not be as hungry as you think, you might only be thirsty. Try drinking first before grabbing Cheetos or jelly beans. If the hunger goes away, then you may drop whatever you’re holding right now and go back to work, or study.

First Thing in the Morning

It is becoming popular in Japan to drink water on empty stomach first thing in the morning. Before even brushing your teeth, drink water and do not intake food or liquid for the next 45 minutes. Studies show that if this routine is done in 30 days, it could cure, control or lessen high blood pressure and diabetes. If done in 10 days, you could say goodbye to constipation. People with headaches, gastritis, vomiting problems, diarrhea, menstrual disorders, ENT (ear, nose, and throat) disorders and even cancer could also benefit from this habit. Just remember to consult your doctor before doing anything on your own.

It’s all about timing

Throughout the day, drink water anytime your body feels like it. What is important is that you do not wait until you’re too thirsty to drink.

To help with digestion, it is ideal to drink a glass of water half an hour before and after each meal. Drink water at least every 20 minutes during exercise. The more strenuous the activity you are engaged in, the more water you lose, hence, the more you need to get hydrated.

Pain Indicates your Body’s Need for Water

Every time you feel pain, your body is actually telling you that it needs water. Migraine, heartburn, and even daytime fatigue are just a few signs of dehydration. So if you feel like dozing off every now and then though it’s still far from bedtime, it’s time to guzzle glasses of water to keep you alert and full of energy.

Water is Good for the Brain

Having a difficult time focusing on a computer screen or a printed page? Worse, are you experiencing short-term memory problems? You are most probably suffering from dehydration. Your brain needs a lot of oxygen to function efficiently; so drinking plenty of water ensures that it’s at its top form. Staying well-hydrated can boost your levels of cognitive performance by as much as 30%.

These are just few of wonders of water. Now that you had a glimpse of how important this natural element is, don’t let your household run out of it. If you’re around NSW, contact your local plumbers Sydney immediately before your head starts throbbing because of pain due to dehydration.

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