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5 things you need to pay attention to if you want a stress-free life

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  1. Avoid arguing with your boss

Your boss is giving you a really hard time? Don’t just sit idle and let others ruin your mood which will consequently ruin your life! Do something about it. Try talking to your boss and tell him that he should change his way of speaking to you – of course, do it in a subtle way. If his/her reasons are justified, then consider working more – give all you can. Finally, if none of these works for you, then you need to quit your job and find another one. This is not easy, but after all, your health is the only thing that matters.

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  1. Avoid the rush hour

Being trapped in a congestion day after day will make you nervous for sure. The problem is that such situations (especially those that are repetitive) will leave a mark on your psyche. That amount of stress you are experiencing couldn’t possibly do you any good. So, think of a proper way to solving this problem. If you are forced to use public traffic to go to work, then you might want to wake up really early in the morning and avoid all that traffic mess.

  1. Be sexually active

Everybody knows that sex is the best tranquilizer there is, so why don’t you practice it regularly? What sex does to your mind and body is still a mystery, but some things that sex is responsible for are: cell growth in the part of your brain that controls stress levels, production of oxytocin which sedates you. Plus, if you are physically inactive, this sort of “exercise” will make you lose a couple of those extra pounds you have.

  1. Change your eating habits

Eating healthy food is really important for your health – various illnesses can come out if your nutrition is not right. But how is this related to stress? It is quite simple: high-fiber food and a lot of water will make your mood much better and it will make you ready to go through different stressful situations easily. Caffeine and sugar is something that we will turn into some not so pleasant situations, but this will only make you satisfied for the moment – later you will regret it and it will make you even more stressful. Additionally, when you gain some weight, you wouldn’t be able to move or do things normally, and this will make you dissatisfied and moody – so, watch out for your daily intakes of food, make it green and healthy.

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  1. Better sleeping positions

Your sleeping position and the quality of your mattress and pillows are directly linked to your mood. If you wake up tired and stiff, this will result in you being nervous and unable to go through your day full of challenges. Who needs back pain, when there are at least a dozen of things you need to worry about on daily basis? Buy pillows and mattresses that suit your physique and don’t be stingy here, since this can cause all sorts of problems. Sleep paralysis and nightmares that you have during sleeping is something you can avoid by sleeping on your side with your knees slightly bent and your spine slightly rounded. Once you realize how much this influences your health, mood and how much it decreases stress, you will be much happier.

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