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How to Build A Motivated and Cohesive Team

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In the workforce, it is important that coworkers are performing to the best of their ability and are feeling motivated in a team that lets them realise their true potential. 

Here’s a selection of team building activities and sources of motivation that will help drive your teams to success.

Incentive Programs and Conferences

Incentive programs are an excellent and proven plan of encouraging employees to work harder and stay motivated, knowing that they will be rewarded for their efforts. These rewards usually come in the form of business trips of business functions. There are case studies of successful business event incentives that showcase solid examples of why incentives for employees are one of the best ways in keeping employees motivated and inspired. Giving your team the opportunity to attend inspiring conferences in worldwide destinations where they can learn more insights about their field of work allows them to feel motivated and more passionate about what they do.  


Hosting Work Lunches

A simple get-together for lunch outside of the workplace is a good way to break the ice and get the co-workers interacting and getting to know each other. These make them feel valued as not just workers, but people with personalities.


Friday Drinks

SImilar to having lunches with the coworkers, going out for Friday night drinks to celebrate the end of the work week is quite a norm in most corporate settings and the fact that this is outside of work makes it much more casual and fun.


Sports Activities

Having a sports day where employees can compete against each other in team sports such as basketball or soccer will teach them how to work together in a team effectively in one of the most fun ways possible that allows them to celebrate even the small amounts of success.



Banding the team together to do a fun run or operate a fundraising stall will test the abilities to manage time, communicate effectively and give back to the community together. This is a great aspect of corporate social responsibility that will leave employees feeling satisfied and inspired.


Unique Experiences

Taking the team to go rock climbing, laser tagging or solving their way out of an escape room are some of the more entertaining and effective methods for team building. There are actually lots of interesting ideas for team building activities that you could implement!

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