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8 Unique Gift Ideas for that Special Woman in Your Life

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All the guys that have that one special woman in their lives know that love can be a bit of a struggle at times, but that it ultimately makes us immensely happy and relaxed during some of those wonderful moments that we fondly remember for years and years. Throughout your time together, there have probably been times where you were grateful to have such an understanding and caring woman at your side and wanted nothing more than to return the favor and make her feel as happy as she makes you feel. However, when it comes to showing your appreciation and adoration in a gift form, a lot of guys get stuck and don’t really know what to do.

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It’s not that they don’t know their partner well or that they are inconsiderate bastards, it’s just that it can be difficult to find a present that is original, sweet, thoughtful and romantic at the same time. With the market flooded with all kinds of tired clichés like stuffed animals, tons of hearts and cringe worthy pun-based cards, you need to be crafty and think outside the box. Here are a few unique gift ideas that the vast majority of women will enjoy and cherish.

  1. Handwritten “reasons why I love you” scrapbook with mementos and decorations

While there are plenty of similar ideas being thrown around on the internet – ooh, look it’s a deck of cards, only every card is a reason why I love you, I bet you haven’t seen that on a hundred different Pinterest boards – every good scrapbook is inherently unique and takes a lot of time and effort to prepare, making it an ideal gift. You can buy a nice empty leather-bound hardcover book and then write a number of reasons down by hand, adding some photos, pressed flowers, small mementos from your first few dates or exciting adventures together, printed out texts or tweets, drawings, the paper where you kept score that one time when you absolutely demolished her in a game of cards and she got mad, and so on.

You can split the book up into chapters based on several key themes in order to make it easier to organize all the ideas you have. It’s best to start writing down reasons on a piece of paper early on, say 3-5 a day or as inspiration strikes, so that you can accumulate enough reasons and complete the scrapbook in time. The best part is that you can sit down with her and enjoy a romantic night of reminiscing once you give her this gift.

  1. Handmade jewelry box with trinkets


If you are a DIY enthusiast and know a bit about woodworking, you can make a lovely jewelry box and fill it with a few interesting trinkets. You can find some great DIY jewelry box ideas online and get to work, but even if you aren’t that skilled, you can still find a ton of great handcrafted examples on Etsy, complete with some truly unique jewelry to go with it. You don’t have to go overboard with jewelry – a pair of beautiful silver earrings, some stylish necklaces or cool bracelets are enough.   

  1. Fancy hardcover book set

For the girl who loves to read, you can look for special hardcover editions of the books she hasn’t yet read, but is dying to. A whole book set from her favorite author, complete with some nice book holders, is great for more serious occasions like anniversaries. Another good option is to look for first editions of her favorite books. It can take plenty of time to track these down, and will probably cost you quite a bit, so you can save this idea for a very special occasion – you can start saving up and doing research several months in advance. A Kindle with a well-thought out library and a nice cover   is a good, cost-effective version of this gift.

  1. A book on wine tasting coupled with a couple of bottles of fine wine

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Everyone likes a bit of wine now and then, and there is nothing better than a romantic evening with a couple of bottles of fine wine and a good cheese or some delicious chocolate. Seeing as how not many people are versed in the fine art of wine tasting, and it is definitely worth getting into, you can choose a nice beginner's’ guide complete with a couple of carefully chosen bottles to get your significant other started on the wonderful journey of wine tasting. You can go through a few chapters together and start developing your palate – even if you don’t have much of a talent for it, you will still enjoy plenty of good wine and have a wonderful evening together.

  1. Cosmetics gift basket

You can’t go wrong with toiletries and assorted creams and scented soaps. However, you want to get everything just right, based on your lady’s preferences, skin type, hair type and overall style. You’ll need to prepare a nice basket and wrapping, and spend some time looking for the right things, which can include:Final-Easter-Basket2-300x248.jpg

  • Scented candles                                                                         

  • Bath salts                                                                                 

  • Scented soap

  • Moisturizing crème

  • Exfoliating crème

  • Nighttime facial mask

  • Perfume

  • Shampoo and hair conditioner

  • Eye shadow palette  

  • Eyeliner

  • Hairbrush

If you know what you’re doing, you can even make a DIY gift basket for bonus emotional points.  

  1. Dancing classes for the two of you

Often, all that a woman really needs is to just go dancing and have some fun. Dancing lessons allow her to blow off some steam, have fun and pick up some great skills that will boost her confidence and help her reaffirm her sexuality. On top of that, by signing the both of you up for lessons, you are showing her that you want to spend more quality time with her and share a fun and romantic experience. With a bit of practice, the two of you will be the center of attention at any party you attend.  

  1. The dress/bag/shoes she’s been looking at for a while, coupled with a small joke gift

This one requires you to pay a bit of attention, but I will just go ahead and assume that you are a caring partner and good listener, or at least a fairly observant person, and that you have made note of a few items of clothing that she has had her eyes on for a while. She might have been dropping subtle hints along the way, or you might have just caught her staring at a pair of shoes while you were walking past a store – in any case, she will definitely be happy to finally get the thing she so desires, and will shower you with praise for knowing exactly what she wants. Throw in a little joke gift, e.g. a cutting board or a toy related to a running inside joke between the two of you, just to show that you can be creative as well. Pinterest can be of big help here as well since you can get acquainted with current trends for bags, for example, or you can make things a bit more decent f. The web can really be a lifesaver for some situations and help you make a perfect choice even if you know nothing about fashion trends and matching outfits with guides for specific items. All you need to do is make the effort of doing the research.

  1. Go high tech with a gadget or cool accessories

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With everyone being so obsessed with their little gadgets – a lot of people seldom let their smartphone out of their hands, spend hours on their laptop, listen to music as they train or work, constantly snap pictures with their camera and so on. If your girl is a bit of a tech junkie, you can go with several different creative gifts. The first thing you can do is throw together several accessories for her favorite gadgets into one big gift – e.g. a couple of artful or cute smartphone covers, solar powered charger, a new mouse and headphones, a cool tablet case and so on. Another good option is to shell out for a single high-quality item like an elegant laptop bag, new graphics card for her gamer rig, a good camera or a set of console games. It is important to give everything a nice personal touch, so that the gift has some deeper meaning and plenty of emotional value as well.

There may not be such a thing as a “perfect gift for her”, as every woman is different, but you can take these great basic ideas and run with them, customizing them based on the personality and preferences of that special woman in your life in order to create a gift that she will truly be glad to receive. In the end, it is all about letting her know that you know her well, and understand what she needs and what it takes to make her happy.


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