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House Clean Up: Things You Keep Forgetting

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Cleaning our homes is an inevitable part of our everyday lives, not only because we want everything to be well ordered, but also because we want to live in a healthy surrounding without sources of disease. Wiping away the dust will help you avoid allergies and respiratory problems, while degreasing surfaces in your kitchen will help you kill all the harmful germs. In addition, if you clean your home regularly, you will avoid spending money on constant house renovations.


No matter how tidy you are and how much you care about the hygiene of your home, there are a few things that you might forget sometimes and they are quite important for your health.

Cleaning Drains

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Keeping only the visible things clean in your home will maybe satisfy your eyes, but what about all those places that are not visible but are equally important? Some of them are drains in the kitchen and bathroom. You must think of these too - after all, you are preparing your food in that kitchen, and you are washing your hands, face and body in your bathroom. People avoid cleaning those because they consider it “dirty”, but as soon as you start noticing bad smell from your drains, you will regret the decision. There are so many useful cleaning products that are not even that expensive, so you cannot make a good enough excuse for not cleaning these.

AC/ Ventilation Filters

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Whether you are using AC for heating the room or for cooling the temperature in your home, you need to know that all the air that circulates through it will stay in your home. After a while, its filters will get dirty and the air that circulates will certainly get polluted. If you are wondering why you suddenly developed a rash, skin problems and cough, then you should definitely check your filters.

Cleaning Equipment

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You must maintain your cleaning equipment clean if you don’t want to keep on smudging the dirt and bacteria all over again with the old and dirty equipment. Brushes, sponges, cloths, etc. should always be sterilized after you use them, since bacterial contamination can be pretty harmful for your health. The best way to keep your cleaning equipment clean is to rinse it thoroughly and soak it for half an hour in any disinfection solution. Afterwards, you should dry every part of your cleaning equipment to prevent it from becoming infested with germs and becoming mildewed.


Who cleans walls nowadays?However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. Repainting your wall every couple of years and even cleaning them from time to time is not obligatory, of course, but it will make your home and the air that you breathe a lot cleaner. Those people who smoke at home should practice this even more often since the walls in their home may get greasy - and this goes for those who often prepare food, too. Start cleaning wall tiles in your bathroom, not only the floor, as the dirt can end up on your walls too.


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Vacuuming carpets because there are food leftovers or dirt on them might be tiring, but if you want to live in a clean and healthy home, you should do it at least twice a week. However, after some time, the dust, dirt and stains can make them look really dirty and as soon as you notice this, you should call a carpet cleaning company that will clean them. Usually, these companies offer home services - meaning that they will come to your home and clean your carpet without moving it from its initial position. If you do yoga in your home or have small children that play on the floor, you probably realize the importance of this.


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Some other things that should be cleaned regularly, and yet we tend to forget them, are mattresses, sofas, chairs and of course doors. All those places in your house that are in constant contact with your hands should be sterilized because our hands are usually dirty - we touch money, other door handles and even trash bins with our hands. Remember, all of this is for your own sake!


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