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How to Handle Moving into a New Home

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Here are a few tips that may help you organize, in the event you need to pack your things in short notice.

Buying a new home is almost always exciting, but the moving part can be a really stressful experience on the other hand. People change their residence for various reasons. For example: they find a better or cheaper home, or they are forced to move in order to keep doing their job, sometimes even a fight with a landlord can cause something like that.  Usually, those who study abroad, or simply study out of their home town, tend to move more than once during their student years. This is why you need to be properly organized, so that you can both efficiently move out and unpack once you move in your new home.

First you need to make a list   

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Before you pack, make a list of the most valuable possessions, so that you can check for them immediately after you unpack. Also, make one list which will contain the number plates, glasses spoons, forks etc., since these things are quite easy to lose. Another smart thing to do is label some things, or parts of things that need to be disassembled, like tables for example. This way, it will be easier to arrange your stuff when you move in, not to mention how easier it will be to put them back together.  

You will need a lot of boxes  

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Never forget to have extra boxes, and feel free to have a lot of extra boxes, since it will be very difficult to get by on short notice, on the day when the moving services are about to arrive. Just like your stuff, your boxes need to be labelled as well. Make sure that you labelled what is fragile, and not only that, but also label the boxes with the name of the rooms (kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.). These tasks are not that time consuming, the only excuse for not labelling your things is laziness, and you are going to feel sorry for it, once you start unpacking. Additionally, if you do not label the boxes, the moving service will be more likely to make a mistake and accidentally break something. Try to find enough people to help you with packing, because it involves a lot of heavy lifting, plus you will be able to finish it much faster. When you start to pack your boxes into vehicles, you will constantly need to monitor those people from your selected moving services. In the event that something is damaged while you are moving out, you have every right to be compensated. You need to make sure that you are there when it happens, otherwise workers can say that you damaged it while packing or during your unpacking phase.

Do not forget your part of the agreement   

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In case you are moving from the home which you rented, then you will need to ensure that everything is alright with your previous house or apartment. If you wronged your landlord in any way, you may face a lawsuit for property damage. Also the place needs to be properly cleaned, which needs to be done a lot more meticulously than a usual clean up routine. There are people who are end of lease cleaning professionals, and they are hired for these specific purposes, in order to ensure that every nook and cranny of your house or apartment is cleaned up once you move out.  If you are too busy to clean the whole house, all by yourself, you should consider acquiring their services for this occasion, it is a good way to know you left everything in the best order. Needless to say that any unpaid bills are very likely to come back and haunt you, once your landlord finds out about them. In other words, try to avoid this unpleasant scenario.

Once the whole moving thing is done, I am sure that a thought “Let us not repeat this any time soon” will come to your mind. It is true, this is a very stressful experience, however it is necessity very often dictated by your job.

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