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How to Impress Clients and Win New Ones

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In today’s extremely competitive job market, it is imperative that you establish a lasting impression for prospective clients. Just as important is maintaining good relations with the clients that you are already working with, and giving them a reason to propose you to other businesses. Your existing clients are the best ones, and even as a freelancer, you can be pleasantly surprised by the loads of work that these clients give you. If your clients are happy, you will have an ongoing supply of work, either from their businesses, or recommendations to their friends and business partners. There are a few techniques that businesses employ to impress clients and win new ones, including the following:

1. know your client and their industry

This refers to knowing your client’s business or industry, as well as the clients themselves. You should be able to find their biography online, like in social networks, as well as their interests. Such information will be useful in identifying the best way to appeal to them personally, and sweeten their self-interest. For instance, if your client likes golfing, you can schedule a meeting at a local golf course. The client will be glad, and your thoughtfulness will create a lasting impression. You can also do some research on the current state of your client’s line of business and the key competitors with regard to your line of work. You can obtain general industry related information from the Wikipedia, though you may need to search for recent online articles to identify current trends in that industry. By conducting such basic investigations, your client will appreciate your knowledge in the industry, and will be more likely to assign you more work in that area. 

2. Act professionally

Many people are more comfortable in casual wear like jeans and a t-shirt, but when you need to impress clients during meetings, you should make an effort to smarten up. This is particularly important for freelancers who may be victims of negative stereotypes. In addition, you may need to rent serviced office space. Sometimes, the scale of your business may not require you to be tied into leases, or even have permanent staff. Fortunately, serviced offices help you create an image that is appealing to your clients. They also offer you staff to assist you with various duties like receiving guests, taking calls, and maintaining the facilities that you need. If you look and act like a professional, you will make a great first impression, dispel your client’s fears, and increase the likelihood of recommendations and repeat business. 

Blog Australia

3. Anticipate Questions 

Those who are experienced in their fields will realize that clients have more or less similar concerns, making it easy to pre-empt any questions. This is especially the case when working in a technical field. If you need to use technical terminologies when communicating with your clients, make sure to explain them in a manner that reassures them that you are still attending to their interests. Otherwise, you should drop the jargon when communicating with clients to ensure that your meeting remains focused on the actual business. In addition, you should have an online presence via a website that provides details about how you work, including an FAQ page that seeks to answer common questions. 

4. Involve them and communicate regularly 

Even after you have done some research, you will still need to refer to your client’s preferences. While you may be knowledgeable in a particular field, your client is the expert. You should meet the clients regularly, and keep them updated on your progress. Ask questions when necessary, and when the project takes off, keep your updates brief and succinct. This shows that you value their time, and reduces the likelihood of confusing the client and attracting a long list of questions. When you meet, ask them to provide feedback, or to comment on the current state of the project. Such information can help to refocus your attention to the areas that are of interest to the client, and work with their time frame. 

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5. Under promise, but over deliver 

Besides keeping the client up-to-date or beating the deadline, you can also impress them by going above and beyond. If you over deliver on your promise, the client will know that you are not only very experienced in that field, but also capable of managing larger projects. You can provide suggestions, recommendations, or detailed documentation of the project to win the loyalty of long-standing clients and attract repeat business. 

6. Make it fun 

By making a meeting interesting and enjoyable, your clients will be at ease to provide you with useful information and feedback, to ensure that you are working towards the exact goals of the project. You can even offer them a discount for working with you. 


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