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Why should i change my engine oil

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Heat deteriorates oil, the oil additives weaken as the engine oil is used. It can make the oil sludgy or watery, so that it doesn't lubricate properly, the longer it's in the engine, the dirtier it gets. Oil weakens through time and hours running.

The long molecules of oil work their way between the metal parts so that moving metal parts never really touch each other. But those long chains don’t last forever.Heat and the motion of the engine break down the long chains into shorter chains and those chains are broken down even more. Old oil is better than no oil and will at least keep the engine from seizing up. But as the molecule chains get shorter, the metal parts are more likely to come in contact with each other causing more wear inside your engine.Replacing old oil with new fixes all these problems.

The fresh oil lubricates and cools better. When you flush the old oil out, you also flush away any grit, dirt and built up oil carbons.Having your oil changed regularly is probably the best thing you can do for your engine/ vehicle. 


What is one service every 6 months or so months to major engine repairs?

Get smart and service smart.

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