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no bids dot net bc264I love to shop on eBay. Mainly I bid on bargains and sell them elswhere. Finding the bargains was always the problem. Getting into bidding wars always took away the 'bargain factor'. I was looking around the other day and found an excellent tool to help find the bargains that are ending soon and have no bids.

This site is amazing and easy to use. I did a search using a keyword and found items on eBay that had no bids and were within minutes of finishing. Bidding on them was done as usual but without the competition pushing up the price. I think I will be using No Bids for quite a while because buying items to resell is a smart way to do business when you can get them at the right price.

A word of warning though. Make sure you are already signed into your eBay account before you search. I miseed out on a real bargain because by the time I have signed in to bid the listing had finished. A shame but a lesson learned.

I hope this is good for others too, I also hope we don't end up bidding against each other :-)

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