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Yes, Generation X potentially have a more restored memory than those from Generation Z. In fact, aging doesn’t necessarily affect ones’ memory; a survey conducted between various age groups quaintly depicted that people aged 31-40 had the preeminent memory. The survey included two investigations: a visual-memory test and a word-memory test.

This is virtuous news as this doesn’t insist that memory loss and dementia are inevitable. While selected precise abilities do deteriorate with age, general memory remains durable for most people throughout their 70s. In fact, research shows that the average 70 year old performs as well on certain rational tests as do many 20 year olds; hence most people in their 60s and 70s score knowingly better in verbal cleverness than do younger people.

Naturally though it isn’t until the age of 41-50 where the brain itself begins to shrink and become less efficient. In accordance to the survey, 67% of the words and pictures were overall remembered compared to the 85% from those whose ages vary from 31-40.

Exposure to excessive technology disables the brain to be utilized as often as it should. As a result, children aged 1-10 only remembered 52% of the words and pictures.

“Short exposure to Mobile phone radiation - two hours - has been reported to destroy cells in parts of the brain important for memory, movement and learning, and could possibly conceivably premature onset of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s,” Dr Patrick Dixon said. 

The brain is capable of creating new cells at any age, so substantial memory loss is not a predictable outcome of aging. But just as it is with muscle strength, you have to use it or lose it. 

Want to prevent Memory Loss:

* Exercise Regularly

* Social Contact

* Eat plenty of Fruits, Vegetables and Protein

* Stress Management

* Get Plenty of Sleep

* Don’t Smoke

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