50plus themajority

50plus themajority


Australian general election 2016
Australian liberal  party out of touch


new tax split with the states

if anything needs to be stopped this does, this a backward step and another level of burocratic red tape and an excuse for state governments to tax the mass's more once again and it will only fall on the back of the working man !

Turnbulls Mistake

The liberals might want to think again that a double D is the best option for them ! be careful what you wish for

rightful owners says who?

what country in the world hasn't been invaded, conquered or settled by previous cultures at some time in recorded history, and there is the sticking point for me, recorded history! which goes back what two to five thousand years, so who were the 1st settlers of any country before then do we really know ?

labour party missing the boat

Australias working class are fed up with being the donkey for the tax system

the 50 plus majority

why older Australians should not forgo their voting rites in my opinion this would be the start of taking rights away from pensioners and should be fought roburstly as we all will be aged Australians eventually

water resources must be a priority

Why is our state and federal governments not doing more to resolve this critical issue going into a future with a predicted 48 million population by 2040 ?