Toward Election 2013: Aus style

Politics is a difficult subject. Discussions often gets people agitated because, as with religion, we all have our own views and believe that what we think is right. But there is no right or wrong here; simply a diversity of opinion. And this is what makes a democracy - the engagement of a wide range of views in order to formulate a governance which leads to a better management of our nation toward what is best for the National Interest.

If we could have a perfect world, no matter who you are, we would all agree that we would want it to be peaceful and safe. No matter how much food or water we have available; neither how much money or how much opulence, how many gaming zones or athletics fields. Whether it be grog or religion (poles apart in happiness) we all want many things, but peace and safety would feature in everybodies paradise.

We Are A Compassionate Society

Mr Howard left left us a legacy - a recognition of our belief that we should help each other in times of need. His "Compassionate Society" speech was a landmark which may guide us to our choice in the September 14 election. We should not forget who we are voting for and that for which they truly stand.