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new tax split with the states

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if anything needs to be stopped this does, this a backward step and another level of burocratic red tape and an excuse for state governments to tax the mass's more once again and it will only fall on the back of the working man !

i can not believe this change to tax's is even being considered please who ever is good at getting signatures for stopping this please do it !

the gst if i remember correctly was the tax introduced to get rid of the already too many state tax's now they want to create another one please someone get the negative feeling out there in the media before its too late !

the only sensible thing to do is increase GST with the appropriate compansation put in place for low income and pension recipients,  we have the technology to have the right sort of smartcards issued to those people which would remove the gst from thier purchases at the check out so it would not effect them the only ones who are scared of gst are the big earners as its a tax they cant pay fancy accountants to get them out of it , the working man can not keep carrying the burden of Australias tax there just isnt enough of them, stop paying welfare and childsupport to people on over 150k or even a 100k if they cant afford to have kids dont have them dont expect everyone else to pick up the bill its a choice they made they finance it or dont do it ! welfare is a safety net not an excuse to have more kids to gain finacial help !

!some people say its a free world i can do what i want well i say not if i have to pick up the bill for you it isnt ! learn to manage and pay for your own requirements you want five kids fine just make sure you can afford to pay for thier needs without expeecting Australia's tax payers to pick up your shortfalls

if the government needs more money do it in gst so the ones spending all the money who obviously can afford it start paying some tax ! leave the working man out of this we have enough to carry already

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